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Original Hand Painted Tray - Mother of Peal
  • Original Hand Painted Tray - Mother of Peal

    $2,000.00 Regular Price
    $300.00Sale Price

    This is an antique Zhostovo tray, hand-painted with mother-of-pearl inlay. I have had this piece for many, many years. It is not perfect and was not perfect when I purchased it. There are some dents/scratches/etc. reflecting its long life! And, you can see the crackling on the finish in one of the photos. Even so, the piece is magnificent. The painting is beautiful. Look at the mother-of-pearl detail! I paid probably more than I should have, but at the time could not resist this piece. Amazingly, this happened before I started to paint and before I knew about the Zhostovo style!!  Priced to sell......

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